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LEGO Scrat


More small improvements!

I've smoothed some rough edges, strengthened the legs, and added a (somewhat messy) base. Most parts of the design seem complete to me, but, as always, tell me what you think!


300+ Supporters!

Thanks for your support (and your patience)! I'm having camera problems right now, but when they're fixed I'll have another design update to post!


More legs!

I've finally come up with a new leg design that just might be better than the old one...

Again, the new leg is on the left, the old on the right.





I've tried something new with the legs, as the first ones I made seem a bit off...the new leg is on Scrat's left, the old on the right.

I don't know, I think the new one's too blocky and large, but the old one's too insubstantial...

Tell me what you think!


200+ supporters!

Thanks again to everyone supporting and/or following! This means a lot to me!


Head/neck update


I've added a ball joint to the once-static neck! Now he can really move his head around. (Sorry for the glare!)

And, speaking of the head, I've come up with an alternate design for it that's wider and looks a bit fluffier.

Old design

New design

Tell me which you like better!



Here are some different options for eyes.

I think interchangeable printed eyes are the best option, but I'm open to more suggestion.


Nut Update!

Just to give you an idea of what the correctly colored nut would look like, I've found a close approximate for the piece in the right color...for one side.



Thank you!

We've reached over 100 supporters in under 2 days. Now, I don't know how many supporters are considered normal in that amount of time, but 100 sure seems like a lot to me! Thank you to everyone who's supported so far, and if this keeps up, we'll make it to 10,000 for sure!

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