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DodgeBlock is a game developed almost completely by Othello7 with credit to TheKingOfDucks for the animated start screen and main icon. It's a color text based game in which the player tries to dodge falling Blocks by moving left and right. Usually, the whole game is controlled from the arrow keys. In Normal Mode, collect Bonus Points to get +50 score. Wanna play with a friend? Invite your friend to play on WSAD with Two Player Mode! The half-cooperative dual play version of DodgeBlock. In this LEGO DodgeBlock LEGO set you can move the 50+ score, the Blocks, and Mr. O in any way you like to replicate your game!

I think this would be a great LEGO set because this is such a good game and people like myself
and others would like to have a set of the game.

I built this set because I wanted to make the game into a physical display piece and LEGO set for fans of the game and LEGO fans to enjoy.

To play DodgeBlock click here to go to the official website

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