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Wedding Studio



I am very excited to introduce my very first modular building project, Wedding Studio.

As a big fan of Lego modular building series, I wanted to create another building one day. 

  • Project name: Wedding Studio 
  • Size: 250mm(w) x 250mm(d) x 380mm(h) / base plate 16 x 32  2pcs
  • Bricks: 2946


Wedding Studio is built with a three-story main building and a separate roof garden which can be connected to the other LEGO modular buildings.

Main building 

* 1F

You can see a sign 1978 in the front of the first floor which is the year of my birth as well as the name of this studio. You may also notice a sign STUDIO on the side of the wall. Inside, there is a ceiling light, art wall, jewelry showcase, and tuxedoes showcase. In the entrance, there is a very dedicated stair handrail.

* 2F

The camera attached to the front of the second floor doesn’t work! It is just an exterior of the building. :)  Both front and back balcony have an arch-shaped entrance looking like an artwork. Please be quiet not to disturb a photographer working on the computer. :) 

* 3F

The ideas for exterior of the third floor was inspired by Taj Mahal. Inside, there is a coffee cabinet and a restroom. The wall glass in the restroom is a reflecting glass. so, don’t worry, people outside cannot see inside.

* Roof

In the center of the roof, you can see a sculptural camera lens. There is a satellite antenna and outdoor fans for air conditioner on the top.


Annex building

* 1F

The first floor of the annex building is a customer service room. A little fountain welcomes the visitors. In the backyard, there is stairs leading to the roof garden. Inside, there is a tea table set, small restroom and many sample wedding photo albums back of the information desk.

 * Roof

The roof garden is decorated with rose vines and many flowers. The gray grill bricks and dark red tiles are well arranged for a way to the entrance of the garden. A stylish photographer is taking photos of the couple. Maybe a big standing light will help a bride and bridegroom look more beautiful and handsome. 

The last two photos shows Wedding Studio connected to “10243” and LDD screenshot of the model.

Thank you for your attention and interest in this project and I hope you like it. I am very open to your comments and feedbacks. 

P.S. : If you want to take wedding photos in Wedding Studio, please click support. :) Have a happy day!



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