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Cherry Blossom IKEBANA

Ikebana, this Japanese art fascinated me a lot. Hence, the idea to build some cherry blossom branches and a vase and try to imitate this art. Since I've never made it or learned it, I decided to make it look like it's a work in progress, using scissors and a twig. Or can you leave it like this?
Ike (life) Bana (flower) originated in Japan in the 6th century as a flower offering and after a long time, it has developed into a fascinating art.
Through contemplation of nature and meditation, man should gain a deeper insight into being, to recognize his own transience and the eternal stability of nature.
It would be a nice addition to the botanical collection I think and a decorative element that can refresh and delight. To make it more interesting as a set, different colored blossom pieces could be added to swap out.

I hope you like and support it.
Thank you so much and have a nice day. 🌺💚

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