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The 'Containbow' - Fremantle, Western Australia

On a small patch of grass overlooking Fremantle Harbour, the gateway to Western Australia, sits an unique sculpture that captures both the history and culture of Fremantle.

Designed by Marcus Canning and constructed in 2016, the Containbow has become an iconic piece of art. Consisting of nine brightly coloured and recycled shipping containers placed in an arch, the sculpture is 9m high, 19m long and weighs approximately 66 tonnes.

It has been described as 'a universal symbol of hope and acknowledgement of Fremantle's artistic and maritime heritage'

I have chosen to design a Lego version of the Containbow as not only is the colourful sculpture perfect to be recreated in Lego form, it also provides an unique building challenge to design an arch using square containers. I hope I have the Containbow justice with my design.

While many around the world will not have heard about the Containbow before, I think the principles of the art will resonant with many who have grown up in cities dependent on maritime trade. I would argue that while the Containbow is unique to Fremantle, Western Australia, it could equally be at home at any maritime port (real or Lego) around the world.

A relatively simple set currently consisting of 443 pieces, to me this concept is at the heart of Lego. The mixture of construction and art.

For further info about the real sculpture, please visit or search Instagram for the #containbow


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