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Modern San-Francisco House

This is a modern San-Francisco-style house. It consists of 3, fully furniture floors that can easily be removed. The house has a one-car carriage along with a workshop. It also has a living room, dining room, kitchen, balcony with a grill, a kids bedroom, and a master bedroom along with a bathroom. The house also has a working garage door that can easily be opened by pulling a lever. I tried to make this house as eco-friendly as possible, so I added solar panels on the roof and made a big garden in the backyard.
I made this house because I have always been interested in architecture. So, when I last went to San-Francisco, I got inspired to build a modern house with a San-Francisco style. It took me many hours to come up with the design and even more time to actually build it. This house contains about 2500 pieces, so it is a good-sized build. I think this house could make a great LEGO set one day because LEGO has recently been releasing a lot of realistic and more complex sets that even adults can enjoy. And this set would be a good addition to that because it is complex, realistic, and it was made to be put on display which is something many people enjoy. 

I hope you like this Idea and I would greatly appreciate it if you supported this creation!

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