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Jasper Vs. Aspio

This is a bit of a conflict in the box scenario, the two figures in here is a human cyborg named Jasper, and a Behemoth from the nether realm named Aspio. Aspio is made up of 207 pieces and uses a function similiar to that of skull basher to rip into people with his large claws. Jasper meanwhile is made up of 156 pieces and uses a turntable to swing twin blades at the big behemoth. The storyline is that there are monsters coming from the nether realm are invading the U.S. West coast in Atlanta, During the initial invasion the people in Atlanta were in danger from the monsters, then one day a man named Marcus Styles, who worked in the U.S. Military made the government an offer. His offer was to create a cyborg program to fight off the monsters and save the people of the U.S. and perhaps find out who sent these monsters and defeat them and stop them from coming. Jasper Heart is the third in the chain of command and is the left-hand woman of Steve Onyx. Aspio is a behemoth powered by fear of humans and weakened by all manner of things that give humans hope.

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