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Canal Village Of Zhouzhuang

Welcome to the canal village of Zhouzhuang, China! Famed for its beautiful antique architecture and 
bridges, Zhouzhuang is a popular tourist destination in Eastern China. It is a village that is frozen in time.
I was fortunate enough to be able to visit Zhouzhuang and was captivated! I knew that I wanted to 
create it in LEGO once my skill level was high enough. My goal was to faithfully recreate the beautiful 
architecture staying as true as possible.

There are 3 buildings: a Restaurant, a Teahouse and a Gift Shop with Hotel Room above. It was important to show the beautiful details on the buildings and have one of the famed Twin Bridges. If you look closely at the water you can see the other half of the twin cast by the bridge’s shadow. The shadow and the arch of the bridge are supposed to form a perfect circle.
At just under 3000 pieces this scenic LEGO set has wonderful playability and displayability. It has 
engaging building challenges and techniques. It also has 6 minifigures: the Tourist, the Gondolier, the 
Artist, 2 Shopkeepers and the Labourer.

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