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The King of Queens Modular Building

Hi Everyone!

This my very first LEGO Ideas submission and the very first idea that popped into my mind, when I heard about the LEGO Ideas program. Also it's the first set I created with the LEGO Bricklink Studio software. 

As a child I was a big fan of the CBS TV Show "King of Queens" and still am. Since I got into collecting LEGO again, I took a particular liking to the modular buildings which lead me to this particular idea.

I present to you: The King of Queens Modular Building

It is the famed home of Doug and Carrie Heffernan and Arthur Spooner on the CBS TV show "King of Queens".

To create this LEGO Idea, I did extensive research and watched the entire show again to get all the details as right as possible. Unfortunately - as every observant fan knows - the TV sets of the different rooms don't really add up. Especially not to the house shown on the show. E.g. the front porch (as shown in the episode where Doug and Deacon are on strike) is very much different from the one of the famed KoQ house; it does fit the living room set, though.

So what you see I my attempt to make it fit. Of course I had to compromise every here and there.

The building is composed of 3 floor modules plus 2 roof modules, making up for approximately 2.500 pieces:

Arthurs realm is slightly below street level. Therefor I had to rise the entire building up from its base by a few bricks. Also, on the show the garden is level with the 1st floor while the street in front of the house is not. Obviously I had to account for that, leading to the slight elevation of the ground towards the back of the house. Also I hat to account for the shape of the 1st floors back wall to fit the window into the basement, making it a little smaller in the washing machine section.
The basement hat to be divided into two rooms, as Arthur's room (compared to the 1st floor) only makes up about half the ground size of the house. Also, in various scenes you can see a red door, leading to a second room. Since we don't know what's behind that door, I left the second room mostly empty.
In Arthur's room you can find his bed, his night stand and the shelve above the bed. Also you can find Arthur's TV chair (I made it turnable with a turn table piece), his record player and his little TV, as well as Doug's and Carrie's washing machine and dryer. Opposed to these is Arthur's drawer, where he stores his clothes. I added Arthur's table with a type writer (for the Arthur-Head-Screwdriver) and the house's heat.
The stairs lead up to the kitchen an add up this the 1st floor module. Also the basement module accounts for most of the garden where you can find Arthur's headstone.

1st Floor:
On the first floor I added - to the best of my abilities - everything I could make out on the show. On my own account I added a few food-related pieced to fit Doug and some episodes. On the dinner table you can find Doug's extra long sandwich (from the episode where he tries to host a super bowl party). If you like, you can also have the Arthur-minifigure sleep on the table.
In the Kitchen you can find a pizza on the table (as Doug says: "Pizza vouchers are as good as cash in this house").
Again, the stairs add up with the 2nd floor module above.
As a special gimmick I made the 1st floor walls openable. In the opened state they allow you to see the 1st floor as it is shown on TV (film-set-like).
As I equipped my Doug minifigure with a big ketchup bottle (with ketchup coming out of it) you can replay the famous cat-sup-scene with Doug and Arthur.

2nd Floor:
The 2nd floor was the most difficult to fit into the house as it's the 2nd floor rooms which's film sets are especially wrong on the show, compared to the rest of the house. In the bedroom I tried to add the two big lockers Doug and Carrie have there. Unfortunately the right locker doesn't fit the house's layout. So please forgive for my solution of adding a second (wall color) door behind the white one. I couldn't fit an actual room there. 
On this floor you can not only find the bedroom with Doug's bedside mini-refrigerator (from one episode) but also the bathroom and Carrie's office. In the bathroom I made the tub curtain so that LEGO could design them to show the silhouette of Carrie's sister from one of the first episodes.
In the bedroom I added the attic-access into the left locker, as shown in the episode where Doug gets stuck in it. For stability reasons I couldn't really make it fit to the roof module, though.

The roof module doesn't really have anything special to it. I added an attic room so that there wouldn't be a wall behind the two front windows. Also, on my own account, I added a chimney and an antenna.

I added a blueish 3x2 tile on the wall of the 1st floor stairs to represent the ugly painting of Doug and Carrie, given to them by Deacon an his wife. All the other pictures are mere approximations of the ones on the show... Unfortunately I couldn't make it anymore realistic. All in all the house has a lot of small detail, impossible to recreate with LEGO (e.g. the colorful carpets).
I also failed to design my own bricks because I was unable to get footage from the show in proper resolution. IF this house is ever to become a real set, LEGO would have to fill in these small gaps, I'm sorry.

I added two Dougs (work and home) with a few of his things: his guitar (for the Doug and Carrie song he made up), the formerly mentioned cat-sup-bottle and his beloved Mentalo. The work-Doug should have shorts... couldn't find any. He has a package, though.
Arthur is a little smaller by using the teenage-legs (accounting for Jerry Stiller's short statute). He has his Arthur-Head-Screwdriver and his parrot "Douglas" (the parrot was never actually shown on TV but was mentioned in one episode).
There are also two Carries. One normal and one wearing the oversized dress of her overweight mother (shown in one episode). Carrie also comes with an additional hair-piece, the bun which Doug outright hated in one episode.

All the minifigures need a happy/normal and an angry face since the entire show is practically about the three of them arguing about everything.

If you like my LEGO Idea or just appreciate my effort, I would really appreciate your support. Thanks a lot :)

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