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101 Dalmatians: Anita and Rudy's House

Get ready to experience an unforgettable adventure with your old friends!
Anita and Rudy are waiting for you in their London home together with the puppies and the inseparable Pongo and Perdita but be careful because Cruella de Vil is lurking with her terrible car and to help her there are Horace and Jasper!

The model
The model includes a portion of the street where the movie "101 dalmatians" took place.
There are three differents buildings with detailed facades and interior details, turning the model you will be able to appreciate the interiors that faithfully reproduce the setting of the film.
There is the living room with the staircase and the attic where Rudy works, you can also find the kitchen of the house.

There are also:
  • Cruella's car;
  • Horace and Jusper's truck
You can recreate your favourite scenes with the street in front of the buildings!

The minifigures
This model includes:
  • Rudy;
  • Anita;
  • Cruella De Vil;
  • Horace;
  • Jusper.
There are also 15 puppies, Pongo and Perdita.

I hope you will appreciate my work and support if you like it.

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