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IMSA Audi R8


Looking for some pictures of the IMSA GTO I came across the awesome work of Khyzyl Saleem and his version of an Audi R8 in the old IMSA look. Khyzyl Saleem IMSA Audi R8

The Audi R8 speed champion (sorry lego) was not one of my favorite cars! As I saw the IMSA Audi R8 from Khyzyl Saleem I decide to build a new R8 speed champion version. There is only one front picture of the car, so I create the back of the car with no rear valance as some cars of Khyzyl Saleem have no, too. I designed the exhaust syste of the R8 on the back, like it is in the real car (no side pipes like the GTO, I don’t like it, sorry). For the head lamps I used the banana brick in black. Yes, I know it is yellow, but those bananas are aged 😉

Oh, the last picture, … is it in an old warehouse, parking or garage? We will see…


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