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The Storybook


Once upon a time...
This is the beginning of many stories, you'd invent your bedtime stories with your children?

This is my idea, a book to be built with baseplate as pages, on which invent your bedtime fairy tales, from "read" and live to your children.
A meadow, a sea, a road, a desert ... these are just four million locations to live on this book, just as if it were a theater, where the minifigures can save princesses in distress, explore the ruins full of traps, face battles at sea or simply learn about Prince Charming. The blue panel may not necessarily be used as the sea, it can also become a heaven on which to apply the white bricks clouds, simply raising one side of the book and have it appear in all respects like a stage in a theater. The day with your children you can let him build the scenery on the book, in the evening, when you are putting them to bed, the story comes to life, the minifigures are staged to accompany the world of dreams your little dreamers.

Closing, the storibook, collects your fairy tales, and it also makes a good impression on a shelf.

The idea is simple but I'm a dreamer and I like the idea of ​​making tangible a fairy tale.

I hope that this idea makes you dream, and you may please parents and children to you

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