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The Mountain Cabin

My new project wants to represent the classical mountain cabin. I liked best entering the main structure in a summer background, rather than in a snowy one, cause of the bright colours of the nature and the colour of the wooden cabin, that stand out against the green vegetation.
The cabin is built on a base made of rocks that makes it more peculiar and rural.
Inside, there are all the comforts to spend a night in harmony with the nature.
On the ground floor, there is a cozy living room, where to relax and enjoy something to drink, while you warm up by the fireplace. On the first floor, there are two comfortable beds to spend the night. From this room you can enter the terrace and admire the landscape.
The back of the structure is open, to let you look into the cabin and play with it.
Near the cabin I built a big fir tree and under it there is a wooden bench, where you can sit and enjoy the silence of the nature.
The idea that this project may become a Lego Set is fascinating as well as ambitious, but I think it can be suitable to be part of the Classical Lego World.
Thanks for the attention

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