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The Small Oriental Temple


Hello, This is my first job after implementing a LEGO IDEAS's new guideline. I'm so sad that pieces of creation are limited. However, I made some new creations again. This is one of my new creations. I made it as small as possible. This temple has only one room and the smallest size of oriental style buildings, Though It has many exterior decorations. I wonder how many pieces are used in only this one builidng. As a result, I realized that a oriental building uses too many pieces of lego block.  This small building used more than 1,000 pieces.

After I have built the building, also I made some background such as pine trees, cherryblossom trees, mushrooms, bamboos, flowers and a pagoda. And I located a monk figure who is worshiping front of the temple. I think lego has so few oriental garments. I barely find oriental look in Ninjago series. But it's only japanese style. Japanese style is not a single oriental style and not a single far eastern style too. I wish that LEGO release more variety garment styles.


The Number of pieces: 2,043

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