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Space Museum and Shop


 You may have enjoyed seeing some of my out of this world sets. But lets come back down to earth. Don’t worry I am still keeping my space theme going, and this is my largest set yet! 


Enjoy shopping in a moon rock gift shop. Including specially carved rocks and rings. Then walk up to the upper story and enjoy getting to see both classic and regular space suits, learning facts, and examining rockets. Then come back later that night to enjoy star gazing on the roof top with the refracting telescope. Hopefully your minifigures will have a blast learning about this universe which has been here for thousands of years. 


Why I created this set?
    Well I know that modular buildings seam to go really well, and so do the space sets. While still wanting to continue my space line, I also wanted to bring our minifigures down to earth in a large scale set. Plus I would like to get some new followers and supporters.


What does this set include?
    This set includes three animals, six minifigures, and other smaller items. 

    Minnifigures include two workers, a lady, and a father taking his son for a trip.

    The animals include a small stray dog, cat, and rat. 


What about the building?

    The building includes moon rocks and crystals in the shop below. Some being carved into rings and other shapes. In the second story is a small museum which includes two space suits, learning computers, a small planet on display, and a rocket examine table which includes buttons for sound effects and learning facts. Also includes a small space shuttle wall hanging item. The third story has a refracting telescope to observe the night sky with. 

   If you notice there is a mix of regular, classic, and a slights bit of mars mission space elements in this set.

   Also note that the sides are not removable but the different floors are.


What are future expansions this set might have?

   I would actually like to add a vehicle but want recommendations for that. Other minifigures may be added in the future. Lord willing I will create a photo of all the minnifigures together for better viewing soon. Other recommendations and critical feedback would be helpful. 

    God bless you guys, Greenflame24!

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