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Medieval House


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Welcome to our little home!

Numerous medieval buildings have been built over the years, from huge castles to blacksmith and forest hideouts. However, this set focuses on a previously unseen part of medieval life, namely what life was like at that time. What kind of house did people live in, how did they spend their days? You can imagine how many feasts they could throw in this house, because hospitality was an integral part of life at that time. In that age, anyone could be among the guests, from the forest wizard to the king in disguise...

The house consists of three main parts:

  • The warehouse and the kitchen are located on the ground floor. Since this part is where the most fire-related accidents could have happened, taking into account the architectural traditions of the medieval time, this part was made of stone.

  • Upstairs, there is a dining room for the more distinguished guests, since they cannot be served in the kitchen.

  • And in the attic, after hard work, a comfortable bed awaits those who want to rest.

The set consists of approximately 1840 pieces, measures 21 cm high, 23 cm wide, 31 cm long.

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