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Lego Nike Air Jordan 1 Blue

This is a Nike Air Jordan 1 basketball shoe.

Air Jordan 1, almost one of the most famous, classic and distinctive basketball shoes in the world, was launched in 1984 to the basketball god Michael Jordan's shoes.

I remember the first time I saw a magazine when I was a child, and there was a photo of a pair of big Air Jordan 1 shoes on the cover. At that time, I didn’t know what it was called, and I didn’t know the shoes, but it was a pair of red and white basketball shoes. Impressed.

Until I went to middle school, because I was interested in studying all kinds of sneakers, I found him again in one of the pages of the illustrated book, which looked exactly like the pair of sneakers I remembered.
With the arrival of the summer vacation, on a whim, I moved out two large boxes of Lego blocks, looked at the blue and white color AJ1 on the illustration, and slowly piled up one by one according to its appearance. After spending several nights, I finally Restore the sneakers in memory with Lego!

The body of this sneaker is made in the style of my left foot. Generally, it is stacked up with a solid stacking method. The proportion is about half of the real shoe. I had to resort to stickers. Because I wanted the shoes to be as close to their original appearance as possible, the laces were lined up with fence-like parts and fastened to the LEGO sheet, and then snapped directly into the shoe body. If Your feet are small enough that you might actually be able to wear these shoes (but I want to play basketball in these Lego shoes, my feet should be injured)

It is not difficult to assemble, and it will really give people a sense of accomplishment after the work is completed. I think if it becomes a box set, it should bring a special atmosphere to your room, I hope you will like it!
(p.s. you can replace the blue pictured with a color you like, or finish the shoe in a different color!)

Lego Air Jordan 1 size:
Length: 13.1cm
Height: 8.9cm
Width: 6.9cm
Depth: 6.7cm
Size: size 11
Age: for 3 to 6 months old baby

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