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Gingerbread Candy Train

Enter the world of sugar and spice and all things nice and ride in style for the holidays with this impressive Gingerbread Candy Train with it's stunning four carriage design and small passenger platform. This set is a must for any train enthusiast and would make an ideal centrepiece in the room of any home with its highly detailed brick built design exterior and interior with a humorous candy look.

The first carriage that has a gingerbread style features opening side windows, a cozy fireplace, a sink, a train drivers booth and a rear door. It also features a star headlight at the front with the striking resemblance of a face design. It also features a glowing candy bun chimney filled with sweets that illuminates when you push up the ceiling light, through the carriage door to light up the way, play feature. It also has plenty of sweet treats on display. The roof also pulls off easy for play access.

The second carriage depicts a pink and white sandwich wafer with a little jam that's completely hollow inside to accommodate a bluetooth powered up electric motor to motorise the train through an app. This also features an easy pull off design roof for access. This highly detailed carriage can also be used for storage that gives endless play possibilities.

The third carriage depicts an highly detailed chocolate orange passenger cake design that also features a pull off roof and side panel for easy access. This intricately detailed carriage can hold up to 8 minifigures with 8 seats, 4 tables and a built in bubblegum machine. This impressive chocolate cabin features two passenger side doors and plenty of cabin windows including coloured glass window panels at the top. Another play feature also includes a flick switch passenger green/red light at the front of the carriage above the door.

The fourth and final carriage depicts a gingerbread look design. This candy inspired vehicle transporter has a highly detailed interior/exterior that features a drop down rear door to unload/load up the gingerbread motor vehicle that can hold up to two minifigures. This carriage also features opening Luther windows gaining access to an end train driver cabin that also has a rear door, a drivers booth with a swivel chair and an easy pull off roof for play access. There is more than enough on this train to accommodate any sweet tooth.

The final showpiece features a passenger platform that includes signage, a comfy sofa, a Christmas tree with presents, an ice cream machine and a teddybear machine. This platform also includes a cat, a dog a polar bear, a penguin and a snowy owl animal figures. There are 6 minifigures and a baby included in the set that include a yeti and a snowman. Twenty pieces of track are also included.

Christmas time is one of my favourite times of year, like many people and is a great opportunity for families to show love to each other and to get together for the holidays season. I was inspired and very moved to create a set to involve the whole family to bond and celebrate together and what not better way to do that than with something striking to add to the festivities. I believe this would make a great Lego set with the above reasons and because I know that trains are a big hobby for some people.

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