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Teardrop Adventure Set

My wife and I are avid campers and spend most of our summers camping in the National and State parks found around the USA. So when we see a Lego camping set we usually buy it to display around our home. Over the years we have been able to buy large RV's, Camper Van's and even pop up tent sets made by Lego and they are all really cool. However, we have noticed that one there is one camping group you have missed. The iconic Teardrop trailer. We see these at all the parks we visit and usually the owners are busy talking to groups of other travelers about thier unique set ups. We have talked to so many owners that we made the decision to get our very own.
One of the things that attracted us to the Teardrop is the low impact on the environment. You do not need a giant gas guzzling truck to pull it, small gas efficient SUV's work great. Most owners use Subaru Outbacks (ourselves included). The other cool thing is they are easily powered using solar panels. You do not need a loud generator running to read a book when it's raining and you are seeking shelter inside.
This set is designed to grab the attention of adventure seekers. Not only is the shape recognized around the world but the ability to put it just about anywhere is a huge draw to those that might want to get further away. That's why this set includes two people, a dog, campfire, solar power station, Kayak, paddle board and rugged small SUV.
The Teardrop community is loyal to all things involving the iconic trailor and with this community ever growing larger it just seems like a natural fit for Lego to be a part of it.

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