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Lego Technic Drone Quadrocopter!

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Take to the skies with the LEGO Technic Drone!!!

The Lego Technic drone is a simple yet complex, 1:1 scale replica of a drone! Built out of multiple layers of frames, it contains lots of interesting construction techniques which make a strong construction and allow easy playability and display. As well, the propellers can be spun at a 1.67:1 gear ratio using the gear wheel on top, and the camera on the bottom can be spun 360 degrees. Some interesting techniques include the camera, made of tires and frames, and the inner construction of the drone with diagonal frames. All in all, the drone contains around 700 pieces and is 45x45x25 cm.

With it's design, it is also very customizable as it uses common pieces and there is lots of room for attachments.

With your support, the LEGO Technic Drone Quadrocopter project will FLY!

Thank you!

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