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Jedi Temple March


501st division marching on the jedi temple to execute order 66 ,the order means to eliminate all the Jedi, and was sent by palpatine on hologram.

On this set you could see 2 Jedi knight that want to protect the main entrance to the Jedi temple and 4 clones marching towards them.There are 2 statues of the great Jedi that pass away and columns of the Jedi heroes.

All Jedi are now in danger and they can not trust their clones.

  • 2 new Jedi knight
  • 3 clones from 501st division
  • 501 st division commander

This set includes 300 pieces it is very easy to build. I want the Jedi temple  to be produced as a Lego product because this set has never been realised and certainly many people would want such a set.


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