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English Fort


Beware pirates! Sharpen the swords and prepare the cannons!

Welcome to the most impressive and safest English fort ever, the impregnable outpost of the Crown in the fearsome Caribbean seas! Hidden inside there is a treasure chest full of treasures, a well-stocked armory and a pantry with fresh food. But be careful not to be caught and thrown in prison!

Many years have passed since the end of the pirate series and there was the need of a gendarmes fort in great style. I wanted to build a modular structure of about 2000 pieces with a size of about 32x32 stud consisting of four towers, a portal, two side walls and a two-storey building. Each module can be opened to look inside it or to assemble it in different ways. There are also 2 secret passages and the dividing wall on the ground floor of the building is removable for greater playability.

There are 8 minifigures, a monkey, a spider, a mouse and a parrot I hope you like this project and that many of you will vote for it!

It is a lot of fun to build and play!

Thanks to all my friends for their suggestions and especially to Edoardo Giudice.

Thanks to you all for your support!

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