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Totally Modular - The Container House


~~Maximise the amount of modular construction in your next house with this model. The design is inspired by a global trend toward buildings constructed around a core of used  transport containers.
In this case the design is based around five transport containers which are connected at three levels. The containers include detailed furniture for:
• Hall and study
• Cloakroom
• Three bedroom areas
• Lounge area
• Shower and bath room
• Kitchen
• Plus a deck area for outdoor dining, relaxation and entertainment.

The level of modularity is boosted by construction using a maximum number of the 6x5x1 container parts and the equivalent sized wall element, which is used in a transparent colour to be windows.

In addition to adapting used transport containers for this building it is also designed to be an oasis in a city, including extensive planting and water features and a rock garden on the highest level.

The model fits on a 32x32 base and has a footpath at ground level that would fit in dimensions with LEGO modular buildings, either providing a contrast to the conventional older style of buildings or setting a style for a new district in the city. There are detailed aspects on all sides of the model and the size of the transparent wall elements gives a view into the house from all angles.

Extendable – as this model is based on both standard sized primary parts and around a standard transport container design it would be possible to build larger and more complex structures if you had more than one set or if LEGO sold the containers separately as a module. A support picture of a real life container building is included. As this shows sets with containers of different colours would also be good to use.
Links to TV Programmes – this type of model would be of interest to fans of TV programmes such as Grand Designs or Amazing Spaces in the UK, Grand Designs in Australia or Extreme Homes in the USA.

Dimensions – the model is on a 32x32 base plate, there are 3 minifigs, 2 butterflies  and overall the model has 955 pieces.

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