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The Fall Guy Truck



I took pictures of the truck next to the 2019 Speed Champions Porsche 911 Turbo and the 2021 Dodge Challenger. The truck goes well with the six studs wide car. The Challenger is massive but has lovely details and building techniques.


New Cockpit and SWB

Hi all,
thanks for all the support o far. As announced, I made updates to the interior. The new door design leaves more space for a proper cockpit, as you can see in the pictures (roof and cabin back removed for a better view). The cockpit looks much more like the real car now! I had to use jumper plates to move the bench back half a stud to make room for the larger steering wheel, but that did not harm the overall look of the model. It would be nice to have some prints on the slopes used for the dashboard, but I'm very happy with the results of the modification.
I also shortened the wheelbase by one stud, since people who saw the actual model told me it looked a bit too long. Much better now!


Door Redesign

The doors are one of the weak spots of the initial design. Now I had some time to figure out a better design. Now the doors will be hold by two clips instead of one and the side skirt is attached to the doors so it opens all the way down and the little steps on the sides actually make sense now. Also, I have a bit more space inside, which I will use to add a nicer interior.
In the pictures, the right door is the new design, the left door is still in the old design. I'm still working on an alternative design for the A-pillar.


Cockpit Design

Long time without an update...
I have made my first attempt on designing a proper dashboard for the truck. It's not easy since the space is very limited by the door hinges, steering wheel and windscreen.


Happy New Year!

Happy new year to all of you! This year, it has been 40 years since The Fall Guy first appeared on TV.

Regarding my model, I recently took it with me to my brother's. My 6 year old niece enjoyed playing with it, though she probably never saw any Fall Guy episode. This also helped me to identify some issues with the model (which parts easily fall off when the truck is played with) that I will fix.

Also, I'm planning to upgrade the interior to make it look more realistic.

Best wishes,



Merry Christmas!

Here's Colt, Jodie and Howie getting their Christmas tree! A merry Christmas to the Lego IDEAS community!


1st Build Finished!

I have now finished the first build. I needed to work on the doors and the hood, you might detect the changes in the way they are hinged compared to the rendered model. On the a-pillars, the upper tiles are missing. This way, they align better with the roof and the b-pillars. The rear lights are now also visible on the side. I needed to use round 1x1 tiles on the sides because square ones are not available in pearl gold. I remodeled the roof a bit, I think it looks better now and also is more stable than my original design.

Thanks very much for almost 200 supporters!

In the last picture you can see Howie scared because Colt is driving towards the table's edge.


Building the physical model

Hey all!

Thanks very much for your support. I'm currently building the truck and like to share some work in progress pictures. It's the "rolling chassis" and a little demonstration of the suspension. I'm currently trying to get some of the missing parts and I changed a few things to make the model more stable and increase the playability (is that a word?). These modifications are mostly internal and won't change the overall look of the truck.

Be blessed,


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