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High School Musical


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What Team?!?
High School Musical aired on Disney Channel in 2006 and was a huge hit. When the sequel came around it was (and remains) the networks number one movie. The trilogy's finale appeared in theaters across the globe, and the franchise's fandom only grew from there.

The Start Of Something New:
This project is a tribute to the films for their 15th anniversary next year. It represents two of East High's major locations that are prominent through all three films. The cafeteria in front is the larger side, and it features three tables beside stairs that lead up to an overlook. Each table has a subtle nod to the verses from the song Stick to the Status Quo. The back features the auditorium on which Troy, Gabriella, Ryan, Sharpay, and various other characters perform throughout the film series.

We're All In This Together:

This set features six minifigures that make up the main cast; Troy Bolton, Gabriella Montez*, Chad Danforth, Taylor McKessie, Ryan Evans, and Sharpay Evans.
*For Gabriella’s hair I used a custom piece. If the LEGO group didn’t want to make a new piece they could use piece 85974.

All For One: 

January 20th 2021 will mark High School Musical's 15th anniversary. What better way to celebrate then with a Lego style tribute? These movies live on in the hearts of their fans, the number of which only grows over the years.  I hope you give your support. We're all in this together Wildcats! Thanks!

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