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Mini Racers


First of all, hello and welcome to my first LEGO Ideas project. This project was made in LDD and the pictures were made with LDD2POV. I hope the quality is good enough, since this was the first time I used that software.

The main idea

While making these little cars, LEGO Ideas didn't exist yet, so as I was working on these, I haven't had anything in mind except me liking the looks of it. At first, this "set" consisted of only 3 cars. Some time ago I discovered LEGO Ideas and decided to put up a project of my own, and here it is. Before submitting this set, I decided to add something more to it, so I went ahead and made a 4th racing car and a Start/Finish line.

About the set

As mentioned before, the set consists of 4 small racing cars and a Start/Finish line. The cars themselves weren't modeled by any existing vehicle, and any similarities are unintentional. This set is not Mini Figure scaled. It consists of 273 bricks. All the building techniques are pretty simple, with only a few technic parts(9 of them) that require no knowledge about the technic system.

As with every other LEGO Ideas project, and so is with mine, the ultimate goal is to get my own creation on shelves around the world. After looking at some LEGO official sets, I came to conclusion that this set, if ever produced, would be for ages 5 and up.


As I have mentioned, I used LDD to make these small racers. Reason for this is quite simple, I don't have a lot of LEGO bricks and some colors i wanted to use simply don't exist. Most of the bricks/colors used were manufactured before, in other words, they can be acquired from official LEGO sets. To be precise 211 of them were already produced some time in the past, if LDD brick/color palette is to be trusted(hopefully, it is).

There are 39 brick colors that I used in set that are non existent(again, if LDD palette is to be trusted), but I could replace them with some existing parts(the look of the set would change only a small amount). You should follow my updates, as I plan to remake the set with those pieces swapped. There are also 4 pieces that I would like to see with a print(like a set number print, for licence plates on the backs of the cars), but I could easily remove these(race cars don't have licence plates, huh?).

Finally, I would like to conquer the world. No wait, wrong site. I would really like it if this set could get 19 bricks with new colors. Out of those 19, 16 of them are the wheels of the cars(you can see in pictures that each car has corresponding wheel color).I could live without this, but it would be a nice touch. The remaining 3 are kind of necessity(you don't want a big green piece on a red car, right?), but hey, I need to get to 10k supporters first(also I need a first one, a 100th and so on).

Final words

I hope you like the set. If you do, please support it. All comments and critiques, questions and suggestions are welcome. Check this project out some time soon, as I plan on doing some updates! Thank you for all your support in advance, because with it, we shall conquer the world! No wait, wrong again. We shall have this nice little set on our shelves in no time!

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