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Working Rock Concert - With Moving Band & Fans!

Watch the video below to see how it works!

Over 770 pieces are combined to create a massive 42x30 stud size stage with a complex Technic mechanism that brings the band of musicians to life, making them appear to move and dance as they play their instruments!

Rock Band - Including a lead singer who jumps up and down, dual guitarists that strum from side-to-side, and a drummer who moves around as he hits his drum kit!

Dancing Fans - Fans dance along together as they experience the rock band's greatest hits!

Detailed Stage - A multiple tier stadium complete with lights, speakers, scaffolding and a giant brick-built 3D sign!

Backstage Area - Explore behind the scenes with a collection of equipment cases, a mixing disk, guitar amplifier and audio gear!

Technic Mechanism - An advanced gearbox is neatly concealed inside the base, combining all of the functional elements together to create a robust action-packed system!

All of this is built onto a uniquely shaped hexagonal platform measuring over 23cm deep and 34cm wide, providing a substantial stadium for any brick-built band!

The vibrant color scheme combined with the functional features creates an exciting scene that is great for both play and display. I think this would make a great set for all ages; younger fans can enjoy watching the fun movements of the musicians and their spectators, while older fans can admire the eye-catching details and advanced building techniques that make up the stage and mechanism within!

Thank you and I appreciate your support!

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