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Remake of Jango Fetts Slave I

This is a remake of the 2002 LEGO Jango Fetts Slave I, it would include Jango Fett(would look like a modified mandalorian) and young Boba Fett. In the picture you can see the dark green pieces they would be changed to black (LDD Ddidn't have any other colour!). The set almost be the same as 2010's Slave I but with colour would be different and the flick missile would be red. and I don't know how but like the Jango Fetts Slave I, 3 Seismic Charges (Missiles that Jango and Boba fired at Obi-wan in the "Dogfight over Geonosis") would be able to come out of the lower bottom of the ship. LEGO Seismic Charges

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