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Be More Chill: The Broadway Musical


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Be More Chill: The Broadway Musical

The hit sci-fi musical Be More Chill revolves around Jeremy Heere, a remarkably un-special high-schooler who finds out about a supercomputer-in-a-pill called a SQUIP. He hopes that it can teach him to "Be More Chill" so that he can get closer to Christine, but the SQUIP has plans of its own...

This recreation of Be More Chill's Broadway stage features characters and setpieces to represent the most iconic moments in the show.

  • Jeremy's bed - More Than Survive, Two Player Game, Be More Chill
  • School lockers with SQUIP beaker - More Than Survive, Sync Up, The Pitiful Children
  • "Michael In The Bathroom" bathtub - Michael In The Bathroom
  • Minifigs of Michael, Jeremy, The SQUIP, and Christine

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