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The Big Bang Theory - The Killer Robot Instability

Sheldon Cooper and Barry Kripke go head to head (or rather robot to robot)

In The Big Bang Theory episode, The Killer Robot Instability, the gang are challenged by Barry Kripke for a battle-robot duel.

Kripke : "How about if you lose you give me your robot as the spoils of war?"

Sheldon  ; "I would rather see MONTE destroyed than in YOUR hands!"

Kripke : " That can be easily arranged! "

Sheldon arrogantly believes that their robot, M.O.N.T.E, will easily win.  However, it is easily outmatched by Kripke's robot (which has a flamethrower as well as some other more deadly weapons) and is quickly reduced to scrap metal. This is too hard for Sheldon to take.  "We'll bury him in the morning!" he cries as he runs into his bedroom, sobbing at the loss of his creation.


I think that this would be a great addition to Atariel's excellent Big Bang Theory set that is already on the shelves. This has always been one of my favourite moments from the series. The model consists of a battle-robot testing range, two robots and two remote control devices. In the Kripke robot, a light-brick would represent the flame thrower and the cogs would represent the circular saws.  MONTE itself would have an actual spinning saw and a hinged hacking device. The remote-control devices are made from a camera with a red-and-black lever fitted to the part where the lens would go.  The set would also include four minifigures -  Sheldon, Leonard, Raj and, last but not least, Barry Kripke.

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