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1909 Baker Electric Car

Electric cars are not a new thing. This is a model of the beautiful Baker Electric from 1909. It was produced by the Baker Motor Vehicle Company in Ohio, which was the largest manufacturer of electric cars in the early 1900s. The car is controlled with a tiller instead of a steering wheel. Its range on a charge is about 100 miles or 161 km. Thomas Edison designed the long-lasting batteries used in this car.

This LEGO build of the 1909 Baker Electric car has details like suspension, fenders and interior. The dark blue license plate looks like those used in Ohio in 1909.
It makes me wonder how electric cars would have evolved if they had been the standard over the last 100 years.

I hope you like my model of the Baker Electric!

Number of pieces: 737

Length: 246 mm (9.69 in)
Width: 128 mm (5.04 in)
Height: 198 mm (7.80 in)

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