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Mars Laboratory


Why Support This

My set is the FIRST large scale Mars laboratory on Lego ideas. It would create a full new direction for the Lego space program, and it would follow the mission of NASA, which has started work on putting humans on Mars. While the real rocket scientests work to put humans on Mars, we should strive to put minifugures on our own Mars.

​The Story

It is time for the Lego space program to expand it's planetary research to Mars. With this large set (1,856 bricks) you now have the capability of owning your very own fully furnished Lego Mars laboratory. Finally you can call the "red planet" home. 

Main Features

  • 3 Living Quarters
  • 1 Main Research Lab
  • 2 Alien Jail Cells
  • 1 Garage Bay
  • 1 Mars Rover
  • 3 Mars Astronaut Minifigures
  • 2 Aliens
  • Mars Terrain

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