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Imperial Star Destroyer Command Bridge


Imperial Star Destroyer Command Bridge 


Is a project designed by Jad Sammour , based on the Imperial Star Destroyer bridge from The STAR WARS Saga . I mainly based this model on pictures from The Empire Strikes Back (1980) . 

Small Info : The command bridge is a section in an Imperial Star Destroyer's upper part ,this section is protected by a deflector shield . Darth Vader leads the Star Destroyer , while Admiral Piett Commands it . 


The set :


1- Build:It's a 438 pieces build , for ages 8-14 , the build is not simple and requires concentration ,but it's fun . It has place for 10 Imperial officers ,each of them has his own desk in the lower part of the set . The top part of the build  has the iconic windshield where Darth Vader stands watching the fleet . Few sections of the build will be enhanced by LEGO if the project was chosen .

2- Minifigures: The set has 5 minifigs : Darth Vader , Admiral Piett and 3 Imperial Officers 

3-Exclusive to this set : A new Admiral Piett minifigure , Exclusive 2x4 printed tile to be placed on the 4x6 piece that identifies the set (UCS sets style)

Thanks for seeing this project and thanks for supporting .

Join me ! And only together can we make this project a real set on shelves !!

Jad Sammour creator of this project :D

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