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The VISITORS | Modular Spaceship


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Let us go on an adventure together!
Once upon a real-life dream: While swimming near the shore of an island vacation destination... the sounds of waves crashing, children laughing, and grownups, busy with relaxation – were suddenly paused, by thunderously booming storm clouds that quickly billowed. The clouds then parted gently as a whisper, and a wonder of all unbelievable wonders emerged. From behind the cloak of weather, somewhere, from out of this world beyond, a massive, geometric, orb-like spaceship - to my greatest bewilderment - unexpectedly appeared!

The vehicle glided cautiously and quietly, across the sky above, with terrifying amazement! The Visitors - as I called them in my dream - seemed to pay little to no mind to those people, of the tiny island vacation spot below. They stopped by, only to say “hello,” to work on their spaceship's repairs, and to make new friends while experimenting with Earth’s gravity!
New friends, and new dreams, are always welcome!
The VISITORS: Modular Spaceship, features all the fun and curiosity that one could ever ask for, especially from somewhere beyond the stars! This model features enticing geometric twists and turns, which could only be engineered in another galaxy! The VISITORS’ spaceship feels a little bit spooky, a little bit whimsical, and a lot of sci-fi fantasy; offering imaginative modular stories that you will no doubt be thrilled by along the way!

Revealing surprises that elate; waiting around each corner, you will find creative wonders which include: a two-story interior, and four-part modular build, concealed stowaway storage compartments, porthole interior visibility, secret spaceship control consoles, Minifigure views of the cosmos, Earth, and the VISITORS’ home planet; spaceship repair tools, and your very own trio of otherworldly Minifigure cosmic-friends, to play with to your heart's content! What more could anyone ask for!?

A jaw-dropping 20-inch-long (50-centimeter) intriguing display piece; the curious conversations that the VISITORS' presence creates are a true blast-off with friends, family, and even coworkers! Offering everyone visual fascination, and plenty of hands-on playtimes. Your limitless imagination is truly destined for hyperdrive, with this dazzling extraterrestrial Lego model!
2580 pcs/pzs
Measures over 17 in. (44 cm) high, including landing stand and tentacle posing; 20 in. (50 cm) long; and 11 in. (29 cm) wide, including tentacle posing.
Lego Studs: 36 W x 62 L x 55 H
Ounces(oz): 99
Grams(g): 2794
Pounds(lbs.): 6
Big dreams - can build even bigger creativity!
This model is a play-filled memoir, of that fantastically wondrous dream adventure!

Cheers to the many Lego-building adventurers - big or small - who have their own dreams, be they tiny or tall. I hope that this intriguing build - of which I have placed much of my own intergalactic passion into - sets you off into the cosmos, on your own imaginative adventures! Be brave, be bold, build your dreams out with bricks, and marvel at your creativity… here on Earth, in outer space, and beyond!

For almost 40 years now, I have enjoyed the wonderfully boundless, spirit of curiosity that Lego has offered. My brick-building mind started swirling at an incredibly early age, with all of the possible impossibilities that the gift-of-the-brick, had brought into my life! It is now time for me to pay that magic forward!

From castles to dinosaurs, flower bouquets to outer space, iconic movie memories, and beyond - Lego's world of pure imagination, never ceases to amaze and delight! It has been a lifetime dream of my own to one day join the ranks of the talented family, of model designers... Without further ado, I am here to share the spectacular, of my own spin, on innovative and creative Lego magic–with you! May you find pure joy, enchantment, and intrigue in this model.

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