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Music Box

This is a LEGO version of a music box. Ever since the first music boxes have been made in the 18th century, they have left their mark in the music world. First used as a practical music maker and now as a keepsake and decoration, the music boxes' delicate, unique sound and intricate artwork have made them easily recognized even today.

If this model could play music, it would play the third movement of Claude Debussy's Suite bergamasque, which is more famously know as Clair de lune, which is French for "Light of the moon" or "Moonlight". To tribute this piece, three sides of the music box depict a fall countryside under the light of the moon: a farm on the left, a small village in the front, and a lake on the right. Lifting the lid reveals a pianist playing Clair de lune on a baby grand piano. Turning the handle causes the centerpiece to rotate.

A music box like this would make a great LEGO set. LEGOs are a great medium to show off the music box's art and intricacy, and a LEGO music box would make a wonderful display piece in any collection. In addition, a LEGO music box can spark one's creativity as one can have fun building different scenes on the sides of the box and a different rotating centerpiece.

Thank you so much for checking out this project! If you like the idea please support it and share it with friends, family, music lovers, and LEGO fans!

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