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Case Ihc 4586 / RC 4x4 Tractor


What is it ? This is a tractor from the brand ihc (today case). Why did I build it ? I build this because I like vehicles and things with technic.Why I belive that this would be an great LEGO set ? This would be an great LEGO set because there hasn"t been a lego tractor for a long time.

The Tractor is a 4x4 RC.

The Build includes 1099 Pieces.

This Tractor type was manly used in america.

You can do a lego Technic figure inside of the tractor.

You could build your own technic tractor.

This tractor works like a real tractor.

1x XL power functions engine 2x L power functions engine.

The Tractor attachment works with Lego hidraulics.

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