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The Beetle Bobo——Super Mini Crawler

-Why Bobo is born-

It is an accident when I met Lego. Yet I realized I have been doing this, I mean really doing all these technique, mechanical, and gear stuffs since I was a little. I still remember when I was four years old, I completely broke down my little bicycle into single pieces( of course my parents are shocked),all I want to know is how it is working…

So you can imagine how excited and surprised when I firstly met Lego last year, unbelievably convenient modules building and it is even electric! I couldn’t believe I just met the best the play partner of my life! That is how I start exploring all the technique series and soon I began to try my first MOC because I found that many Lego technique set have the same issues: whether it is small pretty with less functions or functional with a much bigger capacity with the problem that the strength and hardness of the spare parts are not able to support such a big carrier.

-How Bobo is Born-

One day when I saw a little beetle in my house crawling happily, I suddenly realized how I wish I had this little beetle crawler, it can "fly" around my house when crawl to any corner ignoring any obstacles. It is small and smart, fast and nimble. It could go wherever (I mean it) it want. I can't stop this idea even for a minute when I decided to make it out. It is like my baby. (That is how the Name "The Beetle Bobo"came from. "Bobo" sounds like "baby" in my country’s language) I decided that I want to make a perfect Bobo because it is going to have any advantages and qualities I desire for:
1. It must be 4-wheel drive, enough power to crawl up to high land.
2. Its structure must be flexible and changeable rather than as a whole piece, so its performance shall be elegant and nimble when exploring any "mountain" or "canyon".
3. It must be speed changeable, so it could both run like a leopard and crawl with strong power.
4. It must be beautiful. So I create two lights just like Bobo’s beautiful eyes.
5. Most importantly, it must be small. In order to make all the above functions happen, every parts have to be strictly tight-connected!

-How Bobo Grow-

Bobo’s picture can’t be clearer in my mind. I immediately start my plan. I ruminated over and over about this problem and finally I make a remote-control design in Bobo. With the 2-speed transmission manner and the movement of the power module in the middle of the rack drive bingo! It is completely in my expectation!

-Bobo‘s Important Data-
I have to say, Bobo is really all I want from a little car.
4-wheel drive,
2-speed linear transmission,
pendular suspension,
only 11 studs(between wheels)x23 studs(between axles),
number of parts: 300+

...................................................Thank you!................................................
I believe everyone has their Bobo, and its born is one of the most amazing things happen in my life. Let’s share our joy and pride. Let’s support Bobo!

For more videos, images and details on the build check out the following links:

(Excuse me for the shooting environment, that s my everyday work office...)
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