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Sweet Retreat - Living In A Wedding Cake


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It's Valentine's Day! Mr. & Mrs. Sweet are about to celebrate this special occasion with a cozy coffee and cake afternoon. The couple shares a passionate love for cakes, tortes, cookies, chocolate, and any sweet treat you can imagine. Ever since their wedding day, they had been dreaming about how wonderful it would be to actually live inside a multi-tiered cake similar to the one they'd had for their wedding party. Then came the day when they stopped dreaming and decided to finally build their own 3-tier wedding cake house.

The Sweets and their dogs Cookie (Chihuahua) & Biscuit (French Bulldog) have been living in their extraordinary home for a couple of years now. And despite some minor disadvantages this cute little residence has in comparison to a "normal" house, the four dearly love their "Sweet Retreat".

The model

- Two different display options:
  • Three-tier drip wedding cake with flower decoration (Front).
  • Wedding cake house (Back & Inside).
- 3 tiers with a total of 5 rooms:
  • Tier 1: Living Room & Kitchen.
  • Tier 2: Bedroom & Bathroom.
  • Tier 3: Dogs' Room & Balcony.
- The perfect present for weddings, wedding anniversaries, Valentine's Day or your spouse's birthday
- Features 2 minifigures, 2 dogs and 2 birds.
- Measurements: 18 x 18 x 24 cm (approximate W x D x H).
- Total part count: 1451 (including the figures' pieces).

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