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Barista's café: A specialty coffee shop

Is a specialty coffee bar with a barista and five happy customers (a couple, a girl, a grandpa and a hipster!) with an espresso machine of one group, a conic coffee grinder, a little bread display, an american coffee maker and six LEGO minifigures TM.
Is a small set but rich in details.
I hope you enjoy it, and vote it.
This is for both, LEGO and coffee lovers!

Barista's recomendations for a good "latte" and "espresso":

1:First of all We have to clean our portafilter and fill it with freshly ground coffee!

2:After tamping our portafilter, we have to set it in the espresso machine... Don't forget to put the cup and start the machine (no more than 30 seconds for a good brew).

3: Now we have to steam our milk. Remember, it must have the same consistency as the liquid paint.

4: After that, pour carefully the steamed milk into your espresso shot.

That is the way to make a perfect cup of "latte"

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