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Legend of the Blue Sea

It’s the year 1948 in the great Sonoran Desert - a spectrum of radiant colors under a setting sun in the distant horizon. James and Susan are newlyweds on an adventurous honeymoon across North America to seek out a legend of a lost treasure called “The Legend of the Blue Sea.” After days of searching for the treasure, they finally found a clue from the ancient legend that reads: “He once roamed the sands with a small one on his back that’s consumed the blue sea. From there, the beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. Susan becomes fixated by the beauty of the towering rock formation in front of her - the strands of time evident in its layers. Meanwhile, James breaks through the layers of the dig site they’ve discovered, and spies a glimmering blue. He grabs his lantern and takes a closer look. Great Scot; the treasure! The legend is true!! The “blue sea” isn’t a sea at all. It’s a blue diamond - the largest blue diamond ever to be found. However; this is not the end of their adventures. More lies ahead for them and there will be other legends to follow.

The towering red rock formation is the centerpiece of this set, with all its bands of colors. In front of it is the vehicle which is the second key feature. It’s primarily based on a 1948 International Woody Wagon with a couple of added features of my own. It is placed on an incline demonstrating the climbing capabilities and its tracks are visible underneath. The back tailgate opens to expose rock gems they’ve already collected. The roof lifts off to enable entry into the wagon and to see the wedding photo album on the back seat. The wagon section is accompanied by a large Saguaro Cactus which is capable of growing over 40 ft tall and living for over 200 years (native to the Sonoran Desert.) 
The small rock formation containing the blue diamond is the final key feature, as this is the dig site for the infamous treasure. You can see the skull that the legend refers to as (“he”.) It appears that the small rock formation (“a small one”) is placed on his back and inside is the blue diamond, (“the blue sea”) which was swallowed up or “consumed” by the rocks. On top of the dig site you can see the pieces of rock from layers that were excavated from the site.

The desert floors are all adorned with various cactus, stick plants, flowers and a scorpion to add texture, flavor and color. This set contains 1675 pieces. 

The desert background is a commercial free photo from and photographer Binyamin Mellish and can be found here https:/ and  

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