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Showman's Engine


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A 'Showman's Engine' is a steam traction engine equipped with a dynamo and a long canopy, as used by travelling showmen to haul their rides and living vans from fairground to fairground. The engines were brightly illuminated when operating, making them a showpiece in their own right. Rich colours and lots of gold trimmings contributed to the festive appearance. The respective fairground ride would often be powered by electricity from the dynamo.

The model resembles a ca. 1910 Burrell showman's engine. Some of these machines are preserved in working condition and can be seen at events like the annual Dorset Steam Fair. The model has a three-shaft drive train with moving flywheel, crank, and piston. Steering is effected from the steering column or by 'hand of god' via the smoke stack

The living van was home to the travelling party, and therefore made to be as comfortable as possible. The model's interior sports a bed and a stove, and a small detachable stair case.

Come join the trip, and see where it takes us!


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