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LEGO Fruits & Vegetables

Have you ever wanted to grow your own Fruits & Vegetables Garden out of Bricks? You can when this Idea set has been approved. We can build our own healthy style garden with this Idea set being approved. After the first and second attempts failed to get 100 supporters, I decided to add more to the idea product.

I included these in the Set:

  • Apples (Red & Green/Both 109 Pieces)
  • Orange (139 Pieces)
  • Banana (35 Pieces)
  • Grapes (Green & Purple/Both 50 Pieces)
  • Tomato (Thought to be a Vegetable/127 Pieces))
  • Cherries (34 Pieces)
  • Pineapple (85 Pieces)
  • Bell Pepper (79 Pieces)
  • Passion Fruit (or Plum) (69 Pieces)
  • Carrot (33 Pieces)
  • Cucumber (If you count it as a Fruit/44 Pieces)
  • Corn (35 Pieces)
  • Radish (29 Pieces)
  • Broccoli (14 Pieces)
  • Potato (53 Pieces)
  • Pumpkin (If you count it as a Fruit (or a Squash) as well/151 Pieces)
  • Eggplant (If you count it as a Fruit & made from the Cucumber/48 Pieces)
  • Onion (69 Pieces)

This set contains 1363 Pieces.

If we get to 10,000 Supporters, you'll get your own mini-Garden filled with brick-built Fruits & Vegetables.

I made this in LDD, but I transferred to Brick Link to render the images.

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