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Ponte Milvio - Rome


This is my new one creation following ancient Roman building inspiration.

Little bit more than 2300 bricks to reproduce one of the famous bridge in Rome to cross “Tevere” river.

This is called“Ponte Milvio” or in Roman language “Ponte Mollo”. This second name is a nickname because this is the first bridge to be submerged during floods.

At the beginnig the bridge was made by  wood, about 200 b.c.. Only later, about 100 a.c., the bridge was rebuilt in masonry. During the years the bridge was restructured more times, also by Popes to create a barrier to enemies attacks and for this reason the north tower was added. On 1849 in order to avoid French invasion it was blown up, but rebuild again one year later by Pope.

It was one of the most used until the construction of very close “Ponte Flaminio” on half of 1900.

I have added also little bit section of the “Tevere” river.

I hope to continue to give to visitor of my Ideas page a vision of Rome under Lego point of view.