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The Adventures of Peter Rabbit.

Let's hop to it! Peter Rabbit enjoys playing in the woods and riding on his go- kart, but he needs a place to come home to at night. This set provides not just a great display piece to a shelf but can also be built in with an awesome LEGO city. I built this LEGO set because as a young boy I loved to watch Peter Rabbit and join in with his great adventures. This set includes 2220 pieces altogether.

This set includes:

Seven minifigures: Peter Rabbit, Benjamin bunny, Lily Bobtail, Mrs Josephine (mother), Cotton tail, Flopsy and Mopsy.

  • A place to cook for all the family and then a great dining table to relax and eat.
  • A fireplace to get cosy on a winter's day.
  • A place to keep logs, so they don't freeze!
  • Peters bed engraved with a paw mark showing a tribute to his dad who made it.
  • Peter's Journal
  • A secret tunnel and much more amazing things!

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