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Sherlock: 221b Baker Street


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"The name is Sherlock Holmes, and the address is 221b Baker Street!"

With Season 4 just around the corner, I saw it only fitting that I should endeavor to create something that does justice to Moffat and Gatiss' masterful creation that is, Sherlock. In addition, seeing that Doctor Who has gotten it's own Lego Ideas set, it seems only fair that another of the BBC's great television shows be brought to life by everyone's favourite interlocking brick system.

What is 221b Baker Street? 221b Baker Street was the address given to Holmes' and John Watson's London flat in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's original Sherlock Holmes stories in the late nineteenth century and early twentieth. The real address in London has been transformed into a museum honoring Doyle and the adventures of Holmes and Watson. In 2010, a new Holmes and Watson struck the streets of London. The BBC show, first aired July 25th 2010, gave the century old detective a new, modern take. Once again, Holmes returned to his residence at Baker Street. 

The Project. To start off, I'd like to say that in this project I tried with the utmost diligence to capture the nature of Sherlock Holmes' iconic flat: cluttered rooms, an old fashioned feel, while still remaining true to what I'd feel is the qualities possessed by a true Lego set. For instance, I would very much like to have added a third story, but I am not trying to make this set any more expensive then it will be, should it reach production.

The model itself contains five distinct parts: Speedy's cafe (underneath Holmes' flat), the entry hall, Mrs. Hudson's Kitchen, Holmes' and Watson's living room, and Holmes' kitchen/science laboratory. For designing each room, I consulted images of the actual set, in an effort to remain as close to the show as possible. The set will contain at the least, five minifigures, on which I will talk later.

Pic. 1: A rendered image of the exterior, credit to ajtazt.

Pic. 2: Unrendered image of the facade.

Pic. 3: The model can be split into four modules, similar to those of the Modular buildings line. The second story is two separate modules back to back. 

Pic. 4: Top view of the second story, Holmes' flat.

Pic. 5: Top view of the ground floor, Speedy's Cafe, Mrs. Hudson's kitchen and the entry hall.

Pic. 6: The bottom module can split in two as well using a set of hinges. This allows easy access and playability.

Pic. 7: A close up on Mrs. Hudson's kitchen, and the stairs leading up.

Pic. 8:  The wall dividing Speedy's and Mrs. Hudson's kitchen also opens up, allowing more access to the cafe.

Pic. 9: A close up of Speedy's cafe and the entry hall.

Pic. 10: A comprehensive image of the entire ground floor.

Pic. 11: An image showing the second story, separated by module.

Pic. 12: Interior view of Holmes' and Watson's living room, complete with iconic chairs, skull, and Bull's head.

Pic. 13: close up on the far wall. Likely patterned stickers will cover this wall to resemble iconic wallpaper.

Pic. 14: close up on the fireplace and bookshelves. a lot of work went into making the depth on this wall come to life.

Pic. 15: Exterior view of this module.

Pic. 16: View of the back module, Holmes' Kitchen.

Pic. 17: Close up of Holmes' kitchen, complete with a mess of test tubes, and detailed kitchen behind.

Pic. 18: View of roof module.

Pic. 19: Close up on the five minifigures. From left to right they are: Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes, Martin Freeman as John Watson, Andrew Scott as Sherlock's arch nemesis Jim Moriarty, Una Stubbs as landlady Mrs. Hudson, and Mark Gatiss as Sherlock's elder brother and intellectual equal, Mycroft Holmes. John Watson carries his service pistol, and Moriarty holds the "IOU" apple as seen in "The Reichenbach Fall".

Pic. 20: all minifigures and Modules laid out separately.

Pic. 21: One last comprehensive view of the set.

Pic. 22: Promotional art I made for the set. Feel free to share it around with anyone who might be interested. Just make sure you link it back to this project!


Possible additions. I would be open to several additions to this set. Among them would perhaps be the addition of several more minifigures, namely Lars Mikkelsen's Charles Augustus Magnussen, and Louise Brealey's Molly Hooper. I also would be open to the inclusion of the iconic London cab, of which I have made a model, and cabbie Jeff Hope, portrayed in the show by Phil Davis. 

Possible pricing. Based on a piece count of 1760, I estimate the price to be more than $149.99 USD.

Well, there you have it! I hope you all enjoyed my attempt to give you a Lego rendition of 221b Baker Street. If you have, and you want to see this project become a reality as I do, DO NOT HESITATE TO SUPPORT!

Moreover, I cannot stress this enough, PLEASE share this with Friends, Family, Social media, online communities or anything else! We cannot possibly get 10,000 supporters without you sharing it around! Let us work together to make this project go viral!

Thank you everyone, and I hope you will join with me in my dream of a Sherlock Lego ideas set! Here's to 10,000!

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