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Super Deformed VF-25 Messiah


The VF-25 Messiah is a variable fighter featured in "Macross Frontier" (A Japanese anime televesion series set in the Macross universe and aired 2008)

 It can transform into three different configurations:

  1. Fighter - Jet fighter
  2. Gerwalk - Fighter plane with arms and legs normally used as a VTOL
  3. Battroid - Humanoid Mecha

It comes in a number of variants:

  • YF-24 (Prototype)
  • VF-25A (Baseline model)
  • VF-25F (Junior officer model)
  • VF-25G (Sniper)
  • VF-25S (Commander)
  • RVF-25 (Electronic warfare)

The Set

The set is based on the VF-25F originally piloted by Henry Gilliam and is later given to Alto Saotome who is the main protagonist in the series.

A single minifig can fit in the cockpit. It is also able to transform into all its three configurations. The wings are able to fold in fighter mode while it has articulated arms and legs in both Gerwalk and Battroid modes.

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