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Turtle Tanks


Turtle Tanks would be a good set because it contains four sea turtle shaped hover tanks and the extra pieces for a fun tabletop game, but doesn't have to be used purely for a game.  The pieces used would be useful for building other creatures, or vehicles.  The concept of hover tanks that fire foam rounds that expand on impact and shut down a tank with electrical charges like a hit from an ion cannon is a bloodless, nondestructive type of competitive game that people of all ages could enjoy.

My ideas for a designed set included two teams of two tanks each.  The teams are color coded to be easily distinguished.  Each tank within each team is then further color coded to distinguish it from the other tank on its team.  But certain interchangeable parts like the cannons or the engines/hoverplates/fin thrusters were color coded to show a universal purpose for items with that color.  The die was made using alternating colors from each team, each team getting a full color side, a two-color side, and a two-color side with a red 'fire' indicator.  Without the weapons, the tanks resemble sea turtles in a cute civilian hover craft form.

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