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Knight’s Challenge / Running The Gauntlet

Ready to face the great challenge of beating the Gauntlet? If so, watch the video which shows how a brave knight beats the Gauntlet made of LEGO!

I have always been impressed by the training parkour of knights full of many obstacles such as swinging pendulum dodgeballs, huge swirling balls etc. within the medieval stage.

I thought that it would be a great idea to build a similar obstacle course with LEGO Bricks by combining LEGO Technic (including power functions) with the LEGO System to feel the action and challenge in a much more realistic way.
Although the parkour seems to be simple, it is not easy to provide a smooth pendulum movement together with the slower rotation of the brick balls. Thanks to 40 Tooth Technic Gears and Technic Crankshafts, I have achieved the required path and speed for both rotation and pendulum movement together with the stability of the entire system including the movable road made of Technic Link Tread.
Features of the Model:
After climbing the stairs, it is time to start the challenge...
Press the green button of the battery box and watch the obstacles. Once you place the Knight Minifigure on top of the Technic Link Tread, you are ready to face with the obstacles on the road. The first obstacle is a set of swirling LEGO barrels and then brick balls suspended to the spinning truss, which you can only dodge with a great timing, correctly judging each threat and carefully moving the gears connected to the Link Treads. Next, you will face with the biggest threat through the path, a huge LEGO barrel, which is swinging like a pendulum with a certain speed. You must wait until the right moment to pass this obstacle successfully. The last obstacle is a set of swinging LEGO Paddles, which you must wait for the right opening to pass since they are not in the same direction. Finally, you will plunge forward headfirst and dash to safety by turning the gears. You deserve a big applause from the King and the crowd!

I hope you will also enjoy as much as I do while navigating the obstacles one by one and then finally beating the Gauntlet :-) 
Many thanks for your supports in advance!
Please also be informed that this proposed set includes 3 minifigures and also the power functions units, namely one AAA battery box, M-Motor, and an extension wire.
Length: 55 cm
Width: 20 cm
Height: 32 cm

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