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The Karate Kid and Cobra Kai Legacy (1984-2018)


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Who hasn’t watched the 80s classic films of the Karate Kid franchise? Who didn’t dream of becoming a student of Mr. Miyagi… to wear the black belt or the headband and to spill out in battle?

Let’s go and beat another karate bout together!

The Karate Kid was an adventure that I will always remember fondly, it left a legacy that is now continued with the wonderful series Cobra Kai.

Johnny Lawrence is now facing his childhood opponent and it all starts again… a new dojo, new students, but Mr.Miyagi's iconic dojo house looks very similar to the original.

Therefore I decided to upgrade Mr.Miyagi's beautiful house, which is the only thing that has not changed, the link between the generation of the 80s and today!

Now you can have the opportunity to choose between the two houses you want to assemble! With removable extra pieces you can "paint" the house, renovate its courtyards and live in the era you desire!

  • Johnny Lawrence: "Strike first strike hard, no mercy, cobra kai never dies"
  • Mr. Miyagi: "If Karate Used Defend Honor, Defend Life, Karate Mean Something. If Karate Used Defend Plastic Metal Trophy, Karate No Mean Nothing."

A. The front yard is the area where Mr. Miyagi kept his collection of cars, his boat for fishing next to the small water tank.
In the Cobra Kai era, the front yard has Johnny's car, the podium as well as the group training area set by Johnny and Daniel for the young students.

B. The back garden is a beautiful well cared space with Asian elements, plants and trees that depict mr.Miyagi’s love and affection. The wooden decks, the paved floor and the stream that runs across the garden make it complete and unique with a small pool has been added for Daniel’s balance lessons.

c. The house is composed of 3 rooms: one is the dojo, one is where the kitchen and the bedroom are, and the other one is where the small dinner table and the fireplace are. This is the room where Daniel learned “Paint the house” [Fourth lesson] and one of the most rememberable scenes of the movie took place. Mr. Miyagi catches a fly with his chopsticks and explains to Daniel-san that whoever manages to do that can achieve everything.

While creating this model it was very important to keep all the Japanese details of the space like the sliding doors, Mr.Miyagi’s medal and the bonsai he gifted to Daniel for the tournament. The roof is detachable in every room for easy access.

The Karate Kid era minifigures:
Mr. Miyagi, Young Daniel LaRusso.

The Cobra Kai era minifigures:
Old Daniel LaRusso, Old Johnny Lawrence, Samantha LaRusso, Miguel Diaz, Robby Keene, Eli 'Hawk' Moskowitz.