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Ghosts In The House


You're stuck in a creepy house, oh no there's two ghosts!... Don't worry though these ghosts are friendly and they're called Casper and Jasper!


But don't relax! For there are three giant spiders around the house!


Set has two ghost figures, three spiders and three rooms. It's overall made of 501 bricks. In the kitchen there is a dining table, a shelf with some objects and two tables (one with candles, one with drinks), it also has a boarded up window. The living room has a sofa and a chair, a table with a figure on it, a coffee table with mugs and a carpet, and some draws with a phone on top. The corridor has a table with a candle a door and a window. The three spiders are hiding!


Please support to help this spooktacular set get on shelves!



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